Baffin Island

2003-04-02 - 9:24 a.m.

Heh heh heh.

I'm just tired.

We're going skiing this weekend. I think it will be fun, but somehow the preparation --

Actually, it will be fun, and it will be good to get out of here and do something fun. And after that, it will be a world of weeding and painting and moving, etc. Which will also be good, but it's probably good to have a weekend away.

I am also hoping that this summer is going to work. The kids are spending two weeks with my mother without us. I love my mother very much, but I am slightly fearful. Two weeks is a long time --

Oh, well, I think it will actually be good for all of them. There will no doubt be rocky spots, but hopefully it will all work out. She's been practising with my brother's kid, who is only 3 and therefore probably more difficult, right? Then I'm coming for a week, and then Kevin is coming and we're all staying another two weeks. I think we'd better go away and do something that last week -- we were planning to go to Ireland with Kevin's family, but I don't think that will happen.

We could go anyway, with just us. That's certainly an option.

We could go to New York. We could go to Maine or Hallifax or Baffin Island.

Maybe we should drive up to Canada -- I would like that, actually.

Anyway -- I think we'll want to do something.


And --

No other ands, I guess. I'm reading American Gods. I like it -- it's a clever idea, in the first place -- that as immigrants came here, they brought their old gods, who are gradually being forgotten, and thus are sort of roaming the country living on scraps. It's starting to get a bit darker, as his books tend to do. But not too dark -- His books always make me dream, which is an odd thing. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been having conversations with these gods. This book, in particular, feels like Diana Wynne Jones for grown-ups. It also reminds me of Blackberry Wine, by Joanne Harris (I think that's her name -- the woman who wrote Chocolat.)

OKay -- I think I'd better do some stuff, here --


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