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2003-04-08 - 11:17 a.m.

So --

Book group last night, which was really fun. We discussed Fragrant Harbor. I decided, at least, that it was on purpose that the heart of the book is missing the heart of the book -- but the question that remains is, does it work? And I don't know.

It was an interesting discussion, though.

We also sort of discussed the Corrections, which I really liked. Anne also really liked it -- we both liked the characters, and the depiction of what it's like to be a grownup with parents -- but Alice didn't like the characters. It's funny -- that does seem to be what it comes down to -- either you like them, or you don't.

And we also talked again about Bel Canto, because Anne wasn't there last time. She didn't like it -- the ending felt unsatifying. I did like it. I think (here's my analysis) that the period of time in which they're captives is sort of like an idyl -- they have time, they're sort of outside of time, they fall in love, they get along, they cook, they care for each other -- and then it's ruined, of course, when the police barge in. But I think the marriage of Gen and the singer is a sign that although idyls can't be sustained int he real world, they still exist and are meaningful. They're like music -- which also exists outside of time -- and my justification for this is when Gen tells the french guy -- when the singer sings, it makes me happy because it makes me believe that good things can exist in the world. (Something like that). The question is, I guess, can you buy it? Anne said no -- but I think I can.

Anyway, I gave her the secret history. I think they're sort of bookends, in a way.

And now we're reading Atonement, which I read a year ago, but they hadn't. So --

And I've finished American Gods. I got a few graphic novels by Gaiman from the library. I'm not very good at reading graphic novels. I'm fundamentally a text person, and reading something with all those pictures just seems like a huge amount of work to me. Funny. I'll see if Nora wants to read them, too --

So now I need something to read. I've got something by Wally Lamb -- he's supposed to be good, but it somehow does not look extremely appealing. Probably have a few other things kicking around the house. The house, as a matter of fact, is a compete disaster. Thank god there is no school next week. Trying to get people through their music lessons and homework is a sisyphusean ordeal. Just to not have those -- what a treat it will be. Perhaps I will vacuum.

So --

Nothing else to say, at the moment. It is completely spring, here. My yard is in desperate need of weeding. It's really warm enough for shorts, again. It strikes me as odd all over again, because we went up to visit winter this weekend. Up there, the tulips were just beginning to stick their leaves up through the snow. Down here, tulips have been over for weeks, now.


Okay, then --

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