tea time

2003-04-11 - 8:17 a.m.

So -- I'm here super duper early. Heh heh heh

If you are interested in seeing what the Bible looks like when interpreted in legos, you should go

here. It's pretty funny. This is what my friend lynn said: ccd for the lego literate, HEE HEE.

actually i think lucas will take it all very seriously, he'll say 'mom, what

does that mean, "waste your seed"? '

In other news --

There IS no other news. It's cold here, although I can no longer be bothered to carry a sweater, which makes it even colder. Next week is spring break, thank god. I'll still have to make lunches, though. But I don't have to drive anyone anywhere, or make them do homework. Except a little. And it won't matter if they're tired, so they can stay up late.

Two of my roses are looking great, but one is looking awful. Maybe it needs to be moved -- Hmmm. It's too bad. It's a pretty one.

I do love roses.

All right -- enough of this. Time for some tea.


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