Cold and wet

2003-04-14 - 12:48 p.m.


I have just spent the entire morning signing Maddy up for summer camp.

This great camp down at the marina just got some horrendous new software for signing people up on the web. so what used to take about 5 minutes now takes 2 hours, and may be completely messed up.

Oh dear.

Anyway. It's vacation, so we woke up late, and stopped at the cafe, and I dropped the girls off at afterschool (which currently runs for duringschool hours, if you know what I mean) and then I came in and ...

Spent two hours signing up for camps.

Well -- I tried to do it at home, but that was even worse.

So -- it was kind of a nice weekend. It rained furiously, and Kevin did taxes, and the girls and I tried to see a movie, but the times were screwed up so instead we went shopping for pants for Maddy and shirts for Nora, and that was actually successful. And Neighbor-girl spent the night, and I got a lot of sleep, and Nora plotted with her friends to spend Tuesday at Marine world and on Sunday I made them go out to Point Pinole and take a 4 mile walk with me.

They complained and complained, but occasionally you have to get some exercise, and it's actually nice out there, and we found a lot of sea glass, so that was good.

If I was a kid, I would want to spend whole days out there, because it has all sorts of mysterious paths and beach and cliffs and woods.

On one path we met a small asian couple, somewhat aged, coming back with an enormous fish slung over the man's back. I think it was a sturgeon. It was probably as long as he was tall.

We found some odd glass that looked like melted bottles. How could that happen? We didn't know. Slightly creepy.

So -- now I'm here, and it's lunchtime already.

OKay, then.


Oh -- also we watched Best in Show, which really is kinda funny, and About a Boy, which really is not as good as the book. Although it isn't terrible.

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