making phone calls

2003-04-16 - 11:58 a.m.

So --

I'm on this nominating committee at work, which means I have to find people to run for these jobs. It's very hard, plus I think I'm not the most convincing of people. They say, I don't have time, and I say -- yeah, I think it would take a lot of time.

So now I'm trying to get someone else to make the calls -- someone who's better at throwing the bullshit around.

I mean -- they are important jobs, and would sort of be fun, I think. But would also be a lot of work --


That's what I've been up to this morning.

And -- it's cold, and we're supposed to go skiing tomorrow, but the girls are making -- we want to hang around the house -- noises.

I think we should go anyway. BUT --

Okay -- I have to go call more people and twist more arms --


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