2003-04-21 - 2:17 p.m.

I think what I meant to say was, even though Spring is the most obviously likable of all seasons, and thus not really my favorite, it is still impossible not to succumb to its infectious good nature.

How can you be in a bad mood and worry about life, etc. when it's nice out and sunny and you can open the windows and, once you mow the weeds, even the parking strip looks nice?

EF Benson's As We Were is an interesting book -- He's the guy who wrote those famous Miss Mapp and Lucia books. As We Were is sort of a memoir, but it's not so much about himself and his family as about --sort of -- eminent victorians that he knew. Since his father was archbishop of Canterbury, he actually knew quite a few.

Anyway -- it's an interesting read for a person worrying about life. Things were quite different, then, and the world was smaller, and if you were one of the people who mattered, then you knew all the other people who matter.

I wonder if the appeal of Martha Stewart isn't something like that -- you can arrange your life so that it at least feels like you are one of the people who matter -- because of your bathroom fixtures and your easter brunch.

And if your house is clean enough that you can bear to sit in it, and if you have taken your children into the city, and TO A MUSEUM recently, and if there are plans afoot to see friends/relations for a brief visit, and you've got books to read and your bed is made and your kids are occupying themselves in a cooperative enough way. And the sun is coming is, and when you look out the window you see that part of the yard that you weeded (and not the still weedy bit), and the yellow rose by the door has recently burst into amazing and fragrant bloom --

Then it seems that life is good, your children will grow up to be happy and cultured adults, and you must be one of the people who matter.


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