2003-04-22 - 9:34 a.m.

My god, I am so tired.

Nora and I stayed up until midnight making a dish for her Spanish class party. A Nicaraguan specialty -- indio viejo, which means, oddly enough, old indian.

It's kinda good --

Actually, she wanted an authentic dish, and that's actually what she got.

Huge quantities of it.

It's sort of like a beef stew/soup, but with masa (very finely ground cornmeal) in it. Which lends it an odd, somewhat gloopy texture.

I think it also needs more salt.

I discussed it with the person here whose parents are from Mexican, and even she thought it a bit odd. But Mexican ways are not Nicaraguan ways.

Then I stayed up until 1 reading about tulips.

Somehow the history of flowers interests me -- lots of things, roses, I think, apples, and tulips come from central asia. Ranunculus. Anenomes.

According to the Sunset magazine, now is the time to order bulbs for next fall -- which is good, because now I really want lots of tulips.

When K. and I first moved out here, we lived in the upper flat of a house in Berkeley, and the guy next door (who was a little odd, and in addition from Lowell, Mass.) grew wild tulips in boxes on our front stoop. They were quite small, but very lovely. Maybe I can get some like that --

His name was Peter, and he had chickens in his backyard, and a fence of fava beans, and a huge Irish wolfhound. He got around everywhere on his bike.

All of these things are sort of eccentric, but not odd, but he was odd as well. I have a fear that he ended up as a street person, because I don't think he worked much. He had a kind of mean friend, who let it drop once that Peter was living on checks from his parents (he was probably in his 30s), and I saw him once years later on his bike, with his dog, and he had that sort of leathery skin that only a street person has.

It's funny how that skin really gives it away. I saw it on a family in San Jose, Costa Rica, when we were there. It was odd -- there were some kids hanging around on the street -- I think there were actually parents around, too -- but you know, it's a different culture, and they seemed like street kids, but then, maybe it's the culture to hang around looking scruffy. Except they had that street person skin --

It was odd and sad -- Nora was 2, and Maddy was not quite born yet, and these kids were probably 4 or 5.



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