Rabbit holes

2003-04-25 - 11:32 a.m.

Hey -- did you miss me?

Yesterday was sort of insane -- I had a meeting all morning, and then met a friend from Arkansas for lunch, then had to go pick Nora up for take your kid to work day -- we toured the printing presses, which was very cool -- which we capped off by going to see A Rabbit-Proof Fence. Then home.

It was a day on which it was completely likely that I was going to be late for a million connections, but I wasn't -- I was on time for everything.

Some kind of miracle.


Anyway -- Rabbit-proof fence. It was about three australian "half-castes" (half aborigine/half white) who were taken from their families and sent to this Moore River place, where they were supposed to be educated to be good servants, and brought up to the white man's level. Kenneth Branagh is the evil commissioner of aboriginal affairs who conceived the whole ill-advised venture.

I mean, I sort of have problems with films where the bad guys are really too bad. Maybe he really thought it was a good idea. It's clear to us that it wasn't, but maybe it wasn't to him.

But anyway, they walk all the way home, which is something of a miracle, but they are very clever little girls. Especially the oldest one.

I'm not sure Nora liked it. She's not much of a fan of the serious movie about other cultures.

Anyway -- that's all the news here. I reread Holes, so we can go see the movie. It's a book that bears rereading. The first time through it's pretty confusing. It's sort of a fairy-tale, really.

OKay -- got to go.


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