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2003-04-30 - 8:56 a.m.


It stopped raining, and now the sun is out. Apparently it will be out until Friday, and then it will rain again.

So I'm thinking about digging out more shrubbery and planting more roses.

Oh dear -- I have a million, trillion things to do.

Actually, I took a brief break and did a few of them.

Aha! I just took another break to do a few more things. Go me.

Anyway - here are my shrubbery plans. Finishing ripping out lions tail, and then rip out the other lions tail. Then rip out the false jasmine and the pink shrub next to it (starts with an e --) and plant a nice rose bush there, I'm thinking maybe a Cornelia, which is a musk rose that does okay in partial shade.

Then -- around the side of the house -- first get rid of the dead scotch broom. Then cut back those awful trees there. Eventually, yank them out and plant something else. Nonspreading bamboo? Roses? It's a very narrow alley, but it's now the only way to the back yard from the front yard, so it really needs to be accessible. So maybe I should plant nothing -- just have pavers and some kind of ground cover.

There's one of those pink bushes there, too, at the front corner of the house, and I'd like to get rid of that, too, and let the Penelope rose go wild --

It is all very exciting, I know.

Okay, then.


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