2003-05-01 - 9:11 a.m.


What's new.

I've got the kids signed up for summer, although there's one thing I have to worry about still. I almost have all the letters I need to sign then up for sailing lessons at my mom's house. I almost have all the jobs filled for this thing I am filling jobs for.

Ohh, it is too tiresome to even think about all this. But there are numbers of things that I have done and taken care of.

It's also my brother's birthday, and he's moving into his new house today. And I guess he's going to be on a tv program that I don't watch, but other people might. Something about curbs, on that house and garden network.

I read that Rabbit-Proof Fence book. There's something going on there -- the movie simplified and made the bad people really bad. Which is more dramatic. the real story is a bit different -- they actually enjoyed the journey on the steamship down to the school, and the school sounds as horrible as in the movie, but also a lot more interesting.

Maddy's been enjoying Holes (she's reading it herself, now.)

Nora's reading Bridget Jones' diary.

Okay -- Bye then

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