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2003-05-01 - 2:32 p.m.

Important facts.

1. A coworker of mine has just come back from a sabbatical in Michigan. That's not so important. The important part is that he came back with a baby (!!!) -- six months old, a boy, from Guatemala, just like my niece. They visited yesterday, and now I really want a baby again.

I thought I was all over it, but I'm not. He was so very sweet, and solid, and smelled just like a baby. Very round, dark eyes -- strangely, quite a lot like his father's.


(I also saw a man at the grocery store with four small, very well-behaved children. Waaaah.)

2. It's official. Spring is the season for serious gardening conversations. People have different obsessions. My friend Lynn only wants grasses. I want roses roses roses. My friend W. wants things she can eat. I just had coffee with her. She's started baking her own bread, and now GRINDING HER OWN FLOUR. (Her husband hunts mushrooms.)

It could happen to me -- I could be forced to quit my job to stay home and engage in frontier house activities. Oddly tempting.

But actually, I'd be happy to eat lucky charms and spend the day figuring out where to put my roses.

Nora is on an odd kick lately. She's become a serious recycler, which is a great thing. Something came to our house packed in styrofoam and she nearly had a heart attack. The, she's on this odd reading kick -- she's discovered that there are books not written for children, and she wants them. Nick Hornby is a favorite. She's reading David Sedaris, but I think he's actually not all that funny to a 13 year old. [Plus I'm a little worried about the descriptions of all the speed he ingested while in college.] She likes J.D. Salinger. I'm thinking she'll like the Diary of Adrian Mole. Anyway -- these two interests coincide -- she wants me to order all these books used from amazon. That will be recycling, see.

Of course, we could get them out of the library, which would be, ecologically and financially, even better. But she's not willing to go that far.

Anyway -- it's absurd. You can get a book used for 1.25, but by the time you pay the postage, you'd be better off buying it new at the local B&N.

That wouldn't be recycling, though.

Anyway --

If I could just get her to ride her bike to school ...

Okay, then.


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