2003-05-06 - 11:52 a.m.


I stayed home yesterday, mostly because my reading group came to my house, which meant I had to clean it.

It is so nice to have a clean house. There's something satisfying about looking at the floor in the morning when the sun comes in and not seeing huge clumps of dust. It's the angles -- I'm thinking of looking at the dining room floor from the living room, and the sun of course is coming in sort of sideways as well.

Anyway -- it was nice. I even vacuumed the horrible couch, and turned the futon around so it's marginally easier to sit on.


I'm feeling sort of yucky. Not in any definable way. Just in a yucky sort of way.

I think maybe I'd better leave work a little early and go see if there are any roses I want at the nursery.


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