please no rain

2003-05-08 - 10:29 a.m.


Hey, there's an oil spill in Buzzards Bay.

I have cleaned my desk, sorta.

Life progresses.

We all seem to be feeling a little quiet, lately. Nora's been hiding out in her room, which is unlike her. Probably it's her age. Maddy is sad because her favorite teacher won't be around next year. I'm sad about that, too. Kevin's going to be moving his office to Berkeley. Did I mention that? He's going off on his own. Which would be scary, except that I think he actually already has a lot of clients and they'll go with him. (He's a structural engineer.)

I'm actually ecstatic. It will be a huge help to have him on this side of the bay. It will be easier for him to drive the kids to school, or pick them up. It will just be a huge help.

Plus -- I think he may want to go on the school camping trip with Maddy instead of me. One of us has to go, because she has asthma, which the school regards as a life threatening illness. It's actually a fun trip, but it would be great if he would go -- A parent that he knows and likes talked him into it. It would be great if he'd be more involved.

Anyway --

I think that's all I have to say --


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