2003-05-09 - 8:45 a.m.


I apologize for all the boring entries, lately. Sometimes there just isn't much to talk about.

Actually, I think it's less a matter of there being stuff to talk about, and more a matter of feeling like talking.

I was just down in the cafe, and I noticed a bird hopping around on the floor. It was a california towhee. They're usually pretty shy -- they like to rustle around under bushes. So I was sort of worried about this bird. There was only one door open to the outside.

But as I watched him, he hopped around, picked up a few crumbs, disappeared under a table. When he had found everything he wanted, he hopped toward the door and flew out. I guess he's done this before, and knew his way around.

It reminded me of a story Maddy found in the NYT last year about pigeons getting on at one subway station (where it's above ground), eating all the trash, and then flying out at the next station, and flying back to the first. Clever birds.

In other news, Atonement is ever better upon rereading.

And we're growing bacteria again in our kitchen, this time with a sort of primitive incubator.

So -- we'll see.

And that's about it.


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