meltaways and me

2003-05-13 - 10:15 a.m.

So --

Nora wrote up her science fair lab report. It was very good, although she doesn't seem to have a really good grasp of exactly what constitutes a sentence. I'm sure this shows my age, but it seems like it wouldn't be a terrible idea to teach them how to diagram sentences. Hmmm.

Also, I had a sort of conversation with her. I think she feels oppressed when we, for instance, want to help her edit her papers. Actually, she wants to do stuff on her own, which is fabulous. But then she also has a tendency, sometimes, to just whip through things so she can call them done. Which drives us up trees.

Well, anyway. But it was a good conversation -- I explained how parents have their own obsessions, often based on things they feel they didn't get as children.

That IS a pet theory of mine.

What else --

We are flooded in roses here. Mostly brought in by Lisa, who must have 40 rose bushes in her yard -- all rare, with exotic names. I'm going to take a field trip to her house someday.

My Cornelia rose is blooming. It's lovely -- it looks like a pink rugosa, sort of papery, and opened up with yellow stamens. I have to get it into the ground, but I'm not sure where, yet. I read in various places that it will by 5' tall and 6' wide, or 10' tall, or it's a climber, or a shrub.

Makes the placement somewhat difficult. Also, it's about 9 inches tall at the moment, and about 3 inches wide. So very innocuous.

Kevin's been scrubbing cinderblocks for his bookcase, and they've been drying out on the lawn. It looks like Easter Island, or that Place of Refuge on Hawai'i. Sort of mysterious, and a bit taboo. He brought them in, though, and the back yard lost its mystery.

OKay, then. I've been cataloging lots of Russian law, lately. It's actually a treat. I can't read it, but it's mostly very basic -- things like codes of criminal law, criminal produre, laws on land tenure. Nothing complex and interdisciplinary. Thank god.

I wish to state that someone in my office brought in a whole pile of meltaways, and I've been eating them (although I shouldn't) and it's completely wierd, because I was just this morning reading a review of a book called Candy and Me, which sounds really good, and apparently has a chapter on meltaways.


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