2003-05-14 - 10:02 a.m.

Ho hum.

It's cold here again.

There are still meltaways hanging around here, so I am still eating them.

I did walk up to pick Maddy up from her piano lesson yesterday. It was a horrendous walk up to get her (1 mile uphill) and then a pleasant walk home.

Which is good because Maddy doesn't complain to much, but bad, because as I'm panting my way up there, I'm worried that I'll be late.

But I wasn't.

In other news, I've finished Coastliners, and I've started Three Junes, by somebody Glass. It stikes me as a sort of Rosamunde Pilcher book, but a bit more crabby.

Anyway -- I'm picking Nora up early to finish this blasted science fair project, plus her social studies essay. It's a lot of work, and I think she's actually not feeling very well.

In more other news, Maddy solved a math problem on her standardized test yesterday that she'd never learned how to do!. It was a percent problem. Today she has spelling, which is not her best subject.

And -- I've nothing else to tell you, an a pile of stuff to do here. So I guess I'll go.

Maybe I'll think of more later ...


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