2003-05-16 - 12:42 p.m.


There was a meeting this morning, and then there were things to do after the meeting.

It was good, though.

I have a plan, which is to go through my closet and put the winter clothes away, and get rid of things I really don't wear.

Isn't that a good plan? I thought so --

Then I'll get a few, but not many, new things.

And this weekend, there is a book sale, and an Old Rose event, and an open house at another flower place -- oh, it's going to be very busy indeed.


And soon it will be summer, and there will be no homework. Hooray! hooray! hooray!

Lots of people were peeved at the horrible social studies teacher for assigning an essay to be due the very night of the science fair.

What else?

I'm afraid not very much -- but I'm cold, and i think I'd like a piece of chocolate. Or maybe a nice cup of tea.

And I have this terrible feeling of lots of things sneaking up on me. Ugh.

Oh, did you see the moon last night? It was quite pretty around here --


Bye then --

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