Why I am so very very tired

2003-05-19 - 10:22 a.m.

Well, I had a very interesting weekend.

A lot of it was taken up with calling every single parent in Maddy's class. They're putting on a play (rather an ambitious project) and the entire class needs to be transported from school to the theatre and then from the theatre back to school on Monday and Tuesday. Somehow, when I was called on Thursday, no one had volunteered to do the driving. I couldn't do much about it on Thursday, since I didn't get home until 10. I couldn't do much about it on Friday, since I also wasn't home until about 9. So I spent hours here and there on the weekend calling everyone. It was absolutely glorious weather Sat. and Sun, so I tried to do it after dark.

It was a little bit miserable, but it was also sort of interesting. One woman was making 6 panda costumes, and worrying about her son, who was off with some older boys. Two women don't drive. Several people had questions about the play itself -- it's taking up a huge amount of time, some kids don't like the director.

I don't know -- it's sort of a horrible thing to do, to call every single parent -- but it was kind of fun, in a way. And a million people volunteered, so it's all fine.

People --i.e. the panda costume woman -- are sometimes more forthcoming on the phone than in person.

Another major block of time was spent driving Nora around -- from school home, then to a dance. Then Sunday to and from one babysitting job and to another. She had friends over on Friday, who were mostly nice. One of them, though, seems like a bit more -- well -- a bit more trouble, to be frank. A very nice girl, but -- Hmmm.

But also -- I spent a lot of time in the front yard. I hacked away at another terrible shrub. Now there are two stumps awaiting removal. I went to the Celebration of Old Roses, which was great and I got four tiny roses, which will get much bigger but are all in pots onmy proch for the time being. I also got some more penstemon, and some delphiniums, and some campanula and some cosmos and some poppies. (yay!) I also fed all my roses, and transplanted the new ones into bigger pots. I planted most of the new stuff -- the delphiniums I think I have to move somewhere else.

It was nice -- a nice weekend. Maddy made chocolate chip cookies that were really good, and practice. Nora slept and read and stayed up late. Kevin moved some of the stuff into the basement office. I did no laundry. It was good.

I hung around for a while with the people at one babysitting job -- they're old friends who have just remodelled their house. We ate dinner last night at my brother's new house. He's very close, now, which is great.

And that's about it.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm completely exhausted.

Okay, then.


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