2003-05-20 - 11:43 a.m.

Oh my god --

This driving kids around for the play has gotten worse. I forgot that one woman told me she couldn't drive after all, so okay, I'll just do it myself. (If I'd remembered sooner, there were people I could have called. At least I remembered.)

But, annoyingly, I called the school to find out if anyone was not there -- i.e., did they really need me -- and they said one kid wasn't there, but in fact, two weren't. Jeeze!

And I asked the director if she could drive, and no she couldn't -- she had a meeting at 12:30, and something she had to get done in the morning.

Which actually really pissed me off -- I'm at work, too, lady. And I spent my entire weekend calling people on the phone. I think the pain could be shared even slightly.

Anyway -- the whole thing has me in an uproar. I hate hate hate it when people take advantage of me. It's true -- I didn't tell her -- look, lady, I'm at work, too. But it certainly has changed my outlook on things. It seems that she is not, perhaps, as nice as I had thought. In fact, it seems as though she might be a jerk. Hmmmm.

Not sure what I'll do with that fact, but there it is.

So -- that's what I'm doing this morning. Seething.

In other news -- there really is no other news.


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