2003-05-23 - 9:59 a.m.

Okay, so today is the day I come in early and Kevin drives the girls to school. So I get here early, and that's good, and about 8:00 I go downstairs to get a cup of tea. When I return, my message light is blinking. It's Nora. She's forgotten the paper she stayed up until 11 writing, and could I please bring it, because Jean is going to KILL her.

Okay. Jean really will kill her. I am reminded of the time Kevin dropped Maddy off at school (1st grade) without her shoes.

Ho hum.

So I go get my car from the parking lot, and drive home, get the paper, bring it to school and find someone to turn it into (because her locker is -- unbelievably -- locked), chat with her Spanish teacher, who has an interesting family history, and then drive back to work, find a parking spot, listen to Angela Lansbury on Terry Gross for a while, and return to work.

My light is blinking. It's Maddy. It's pajama day at school, and could I please bring her her pajamas?

I'm really tired, and it's clear I never should have bother to come to work today at all!

In other news, the play went really well, and Maddy delivered her lines clearly and loudly. She was ecstatic. In heaven. She twirled all the way across the parking lot.

Okay, then.

Got to get a few minutes of work in here before I go on the pajama run.



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