tuesday --

2003-05-27 - 9:46 a.m.

So --

I'm at home, still. About to go to work. School is out, which means there'll be plenty of parking, which means I can go in a bit late and not be doomed.

It's going to be warm, today. It would be nice to just stay home ...

It was mostly a good weekend. Kevin got more stuff moved down to the basement. His office is looking very nice and officey. I worked in the garden a lot. kevin dug out the stumps. It looks much better, and now i can think about what to put in there.

I think eventually a rose, but all my roses are too small for the moment, so i may just plant some annuals for the summer.

Maddy's play went well again on Friday night. Nora slept over at a friend's house on Saturday night (birthday party). She slept much of the day on Sunday. We puttered around the house on Monday -- whole thing was generally nice. Tried to make inroads on the clutter. I'm assembling a box of too-small clothes to send to the cousins. We thought about what color to paint Nora's new room.

I have two profound thoughts.

1. the house feels much different with an office downstairs. I thought it would seem very far away, but in fact, it makes that whole back of the house seem more part of the house, even though you still have to go outside to get there. It's funny -- now the deck, the area under the deck, the laundry room and the garage/office all feel much more like living space. So that's good.

Also, either just having half of the junk out of the old office (which will become nora's bedroom), or just having that room now available for household use -- one of those things makes the house feel bigger, too. It's lovely to be able to look in from the kitchen and see walls in that room. It just automatically makes everything feel more spacious, plus, it's going to be great to have that much more room for all their stuff.

Funny, how just adding one room makes everything feel better.


My other profound revelation occured while I was moving old photographs that had collected on top of some filing cabinets. There were pictures of Nora in 4th grade, looking so young and tender. Because she's the oldest, I think I always compare her to Maddy, and she naturally looks older, but compared to her present self she looks so very young. What a silly. There's a picture of her with parts of her hair colored blue - I 'm not sure why. This morning it's super-hero day at her school, adn she went off to school with a golden cape, a gift from her grandmother about 5 years ago! and amask over her eyes, looking very superheroish. So I guess it's good to keep some stuff aroud.

I hope it has a superhero effect on her math test.

Anyway -- I've got to get to work.

I went swimming on Saturday and it felt great. Hopefully I can go again today -


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