Mad as hell

2003-05-29 - 11:14 a.m.


Sort of an awful morning. Many annoying things happened.

Possibly the most annoying happened last night -- every year Maddy's school goes on a camping trip. The meeting for the parent volunteers was last night, and the word is -- no drinking.

In the past, it had been the practice for the parents of the older kids to slip out, late at night, and meet up at the dining area for a few beers -- nothing at all serious. It was fun, though -- you'd hang out and chat, and it was a chance to hang out with parents that you wouldn't necessarily know very well. It was a good thing.

My personal theory is that it was the teachers of the younger kids who didn't like it. They being a particularly humourless bunch in the first place.

Anyway -- I think it's sad, and I think it's stupid.

The arguments were -- what if there's a fire. (Gee -- I'm at most 100 yards away from the cabin. I think I can probably respond in a timely manner.) It's not fair -- the parents of the lower grades are not invited. (In the first place, no one is invited or not invited. It's a public sort of thing. In the second place, it's true that the parents of the younger kids really can't leave the cabins because the kids might wake up and need them. But guess what -- some day your kids will be older! Wow!)

It's just the sort of killjoy attitude that drives me crazy. I think we're all old enough to realize that one beer is okay, two six packs is not.

The terrible thing is, it's probably all my fault, because I made the mistake of telling some of the younger parents about it, who probably then blabbed to the teachers of the younger kids.

Well -- I guess now we'll just have to creep off and drink in the woods, leaving the children even more unattended in case of fire.

See -- this kind of thing brings out the worst in me. I'm really a very timid and mild-mannered person, but being subject to stupid and arbitrary rules made up by people who are stupider than I am is the very thing I cannot abide. One of the lower elementary teachers is that very sort of person-- the person who, when given the chance to boss people around, really cannot control herself. I hate it.

I guess I really don't do all that well with groups.

Oh well --

OKay, I have about seven more annoying things to take care of, and I;m going to do them right now.

God help me.


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