Giant landcrabs stalk my stomache

2003-05-30 - 8:06 a.m.

I'm still in a crabby mood. I'm not exactly sure why.

Bad weather. Things hanging over my head. Hmmm.


I'm going to leave early today, so I can go home and clean up a little, and then have a swim. Nora's got 4 girls coming over for dinner before the school dance. That's actually fine -- nice, even -- but it does mean I'll have to clear the crap off the dining room table and have something to feed them.

Then she's sleeping over at Emma's house, which is nice. Maybe the rest of us can go see a movie that she doesn't want to see -- [Holes springs to mind.]

There's the Middle School B class picnic at the beach on Sunday. I arranged it. I think that's part of my crabbiness. I'm sure no one will come. That actually may happen -- no one will come except fpr a few sad people who will look expectantly at me for having dragged them out to this lonely, cold, windswept beach.

Which reminds me that I should ask Maddy if she wants to bring someone to play with.

I should have publicized the thing better, too -- I sent out email, but did not put a flyer in the packet of papers the kids bring home.

Oh god.

It is all too much.

I'm reading Katherine White's Onward and Upward in the Garden, which I recommend highly. She has pleasingly solid opinions about many things.

And -- I have to get a bathing cap, return library books, get passport forms, call the doctor.

Clearly I have no time to be wasting here at work!

Maybe we should have a badmitton set to bring to the beach. I do love badmitton. (I think it's really badminton, but really that's too stupid.)

Okay --


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