Grilled sausages and sand

2003-06-02 - 1:09 p.m.

Oh dear.

I don't think I've ever been so exhausted.

Saturday, Nora and I tried to pick a paint for her room. None were quite right, but in consultation with our local color expert (Maddy's friend Samantha's mother) we have a few more ideas. So.

Kevin was appalled by the waste of paint tins. It is appalling, but Samatha's father Bill consoled him, by saying that it is ever so.

I like them. The nice thing about having lived anywhere some length of time is that eventually you begin to have some really good friends. We've known them now for for 6 or so years (longer, really, because their son is Nora's age, but Nora and Eric were not really friends) and we like them and they like us and it's comfortable.

Anyway -- that was Saturday. There was also some moving of boxes and book cases and washing of walls.

Nora went on a whilrwind social tour involving dances and sleepovers and movies and having friends over to watch more movies. They watched Moulin Rouge, which I found to be dreadful. Completely dreadful.

Then Sunday was the beach day, which was glorious! It was warm and sunny, and people came, and we got a grill, and we all found each other and the parents hung out and chatted and the kids played in the water and hung out on the sand and played in the water and hung out on the sand.

It was wonderful, and I want to go back, but I'm completely exhausted.

And now I have to think about going away on the long sleepaway field trip, which will be fun, but also exhausting.



Got to go.


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