2003-06-10 - 10:00 a.m.


Life seems very complicated right now, although I'm not sure why.

We have to paint Nora's room, and make my dresser so I can giver my old one, and bring her old bed up --

So there's all that.

The yard is a mess -- it's sort of in the middle of being fixed up.

And it's a month until I go to Seattle for a week, which doesn't seem very long, and then the girls are flying to Providence, which I'm not quite happy about, plus I haven't told them they're signed up for sailing lessons, which they will squawk at, and which brings up all kinds of horrible mother-related issues.

But then I'll have two weeks at home alone with K, which will be nice.

Then I'm going to Massachusetts, which will be nice, but now there's some horrible plot to drag us all to Pittsburgh for that last week.

I guess I don't mind that much, but would rather not. It just makes the summer complicated.

Anyway --

But there are all kinds of feelings involved in that, too --


Ugh. ugh. ugh.


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