2003-06-18 - 11:01 a.m.

Oh my goodness.

The insanity continues, but I am going to take a deep breath -- and try to pretend that my life is not spinning out of control.

In painting news, I've got most of the walls done. It looks good. The dark blue does make the room look smaller, and it's a small room to begin with, with a lot of quirky corners. But what it also does is deepen the color of the floor, which is an old wood floor with a darkish stain that's faded -- so that looks very warm. And, it seems to frame the windows, making what's outside look almost like a picture in a frame. Luckily, there are four windows, also sort of quirky and irregular, and there are nice views out of all of them -- a toyon tree from one, a view of the bay (and the Richmond refinery, and the mountains in Marin) from another, an oak tree from a third, and some kind of pine, but also a yellow plum from the fourth.

So -- although it will be very dark at night, and need a million lamps, I think it will be nice.

I will be glad when it's finished -- the girls are sharing a room while I'm painting, and that's getting old fast. (Although I think they sort of like it.)

What else -- all camps are okay. Maddy is enjoying sea kayaking and sailing, even though she is not there with a friend. (Horrors!) Thankfully, her friend will be back next week, and then all will be better. Nora seems to be having fun with drama -- she went off to camp this morning wearing a pair of boy jeans, a black tank top, and her black cap from Pier Whatever. Very stylish and dramatic. Yesterday she wore shorts and her black and white striped over the knee socks. She is a stylish kid.

And -- we went to see Bend it like Beckham last night -- what a good movie! Nora hasn't been playing soccer this spring, and I really miss it -- I loved watching them play. So that part was fun. All around it was fun.

I think I read some review in the New York Times saying that they didn't know what the title had to do with the movie, but it's crucial -- that's what she has to do in the final play -- she has to bend the ball around the opponents and send it into the goal.

It didn't get such great reviews, but we all liked it.

Plus - it's great that it's summer, and we can go out to the movied on a Tuesday night if we feel like it.

Okay -- I have to go write something work related. Sigh.

I'm tired.


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