2003-06-18 - 12:25 p.m.

Hey! I forgot to mention -- the Pitteburgh plan is off. I talked to Kevin's sister-in-law Faith, who agreed with me that it seemed All Too Much.

You have to know, I guess, that it was proposed in an email form my other sister-in-law, M. Here. I'm going to reproduce it. (Don't try to read it all -- you'll get a headache.)

Hi, folks. Have you had a chance to contemplate the options for a

D. gathering this summer? As I see it, the options are two:

Boston in early August, or Pgh in later August.


M., K., and I. probably in Boston area for a gathering of my

clan centered on July 26th (other dates are also possible, but it -- or

at least my input on it, and I'm one of the organizers -- depends in

large part on the D-gathering's date and location).

N. will be in Japan during this time, returning to Pgh in the first

part of August.

The Californian D's, as I understand it, will be in MA for the first

two weeks of August, and could potentially travel further during the

third week (that was the Ireland window).

K. and I. have the week 11-15 August off from school, and

during the week or two prior to that there will be a number of events

associated with school. Neither those events nor school in general are

unmissable, but they are a consideration.

Boston scenario:

M., K., and I. remain in Boston for a week or two (depending

on dates of both gatherings -- in this case, I would press for a later

Newton-gathering), having jolly fun with all of our friends and

relations (but wondering about the state of the garden at home). N.

returns from Japan, checks in at the lab and waters the gardens, etc.

at home, and flies up to Boston. T. and E. fly from A^2 to

Boston. C. et al. take time out from family activities on the South

Shore (are there particular dates that work for that, K&C?). F&B&L&M

stay put and perhaps put up a bunch of people, if P. is willing.

Pittsburgh scenario:

M., K., and I. go to Boston (via my folks' in NY), visiting

Weston and Newton and other locales, and return to Pgh, probably all

while N. is in Japan. Then, after K&C&N&M's sojourn in MA, they

travel to Pgh, by means of their choice, during the time window

previously allocated to Ireland. Likewise the Weston family. T. and

E. drive down from A^2. We can probably provide housing for most

of the gang, Klari's guest apt might work for T&E to have nocturnal

quiet; in any event we can provide or find adequate housing. Y'all

explore the old stomping grounds of Pgh and environs. The young

cousins (K, I, L, M) get two shorter visits rather than one longer


After reading this, I felt like I needed a little lie down. Lucikly it seemd that I was not the only one. So we're going to meet in bits and pieces -- we'll see K's parents in Seattle, and his Boston brother while we're in Massachusetts, and we can even drive to Pittsburgh if Kevin wants to. Or maybe we'll all meet in Pittsburgh for New Years.

It just feels better to see long stretches of time ahead, with very little activity to fill them with.




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