Bought myself some time

2003-06-19 - 11:21 a.m.

Oh dear.

So, I've finished one horrible thing -- an article for a newsletter. You see -- I'm the chair of a section of a professional organization. It's not really a big deal -- it's not a big deal at all. But between now and July, there are various things I have to do. I have to actually think about all this, and if I don't, I'll be sorry.

I have to just do it, and then it won't be so bad.



It's hard to fit it all in, though. I'm not the greatest at juggling this whole work/family thing. I'm the one who's mostly in charge of the family thing. Kevin is a dear soul, but he doesn't really shop or cook or clean. He does other stuff -- he does the money stuff, and he does projects and he will, with sufficient prodding, remove stumps. But when it comes down to knowing who has to be when where, and what's for dinner, he's not much use.

So honestly, it's hard to fit a job into that kind of schedule, much less any kind of professional development stuff.

So I often feel like I'm doing a half-assed job of everything, and often sort of flying by the seat of my pants.

But I don't know what I can do about it. I'm only one person. Plus, I'm old, and I can't really push myself beyond a certain point anymore. I just can not get worked up into a frenzy about things, which it what would be required for me to be truly competent.

I sort of get by on being smart -- which actually helps a lot, I've grown to realize. I'm smart in a sort of way that means I can solve problems quickly. I can sort of see what's obvious. (Usually.) (Except when applied to my life, I suppose.)


I've bought myself a few minutes of time, now, and I think I'm going to use them on something fun.

I let you know when I figure out what that is.


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