2003-06-24 - 1:34 p.m.

I was just down at the cafe -- it's mostly just students, and the people who work in the building. But it's summer, so it's quiet, and then there are lots of people studying for the bar --


I was waiting in line, and noticed some kids -- two, about Nora's and Maddy's ages, a boy and a girl, and then, perhaps, an older brother? maybe 15? And then another brother? maybe 18, but not old enough to be their father --

I'm trying to put this all together. They're all sort of blonde, and wearing shorts and sneakers, and hawaiian surfing shop t-shirts. And quite tan, and sort of shy. Like maybe they are from Hawaii, and unused to our strange california ways.

So this is what I think -- The oldest, a girl, has graduated, or something, and her whole family has come to visit. There was a guy who might have been her boyfriend. A sort of shy looking dad, also in shorts.

It made me want to move to Hawaii, and spend my life on the beach, in the sun, wearing shorts or less. It really is nice there. You'd be surprised. You might think it's some kind of ghastly tourist wonderland. Parts of it, like Kona, are. But other parts are really really nice.

Anyway -- so that's what I'm up to.

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