bubble bubble bubble

2003-06-26 - 2:24 p.m.

Hey --

It's hot, and I realized that a bubble tea was just the remedy, and I was right.

Say --

I've been reading Harry Potter, and in fact I've mostly finished it.

Strangely without much to say, although I liked it.

But here'san interesting discussion about it:

I think what they say about "pinching" is true. There is a very rigid structure to these books. I, for one, was glad when they spend so much time at the beginning at 12 Grimmaux Place, just because I wanted to see them outside of Hogwarts. And I like that, because Hermione and Ron are prefects, Harry has to hang around with other people in the train on the way up.

I also agree with someone's point that the revelation, when it comes, is not that shattering.

But I liked it -- I may have liked it more than I liked the fourth one.

I also read somewhere that Umbridge makes perhaps a more satisfying villain that Voldemort, because she's exactly the sort of villian you're likely to encounter at some point in your life, whcih makes it so satisfying when they can get around her.

Anyway --

I'm actually hungry, now, which is surprising.

Or something.

Okay --


Oh -- they also mention Diana Wynne Jones, who is fantastic. I haven't read Dogsbody, though. Maybe I'll get it from the library.

Bye again.

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