Sprinklers needed

2003-06-26 - 9:39 a.m.


A sort of perfect day - I'm here, and have nothing particular that I have to do, but many things I could do, none of which are terrible.

Nora's play is tonight, and as Maddy walked in to the icky Y camp, I realized it's not so bad -- they're downtown, in a downtown sort of building, and their clay counselor is okay after all. It's probably ok navigating a downtown sort of building all by yourself. Reminds me of when the boy -- the boy who gets the dog in those Beverly Cleary stories, Henry Something? -- rides the bus downtown all by himself to go swimming at the Y after school.

So --

I realize that last year we went to Hawaii for the week right when school got out, and I'm sorry we didn't do that this year, or at least take the week off. I'm suffering from a serious need for vacation.

On the other hand, it's not that bad around here.

Maybe I just need to start coming home and drinking gin and tonics --

It's certainly been hot enough.

Okay - well, I'm reading the book review here, so I'm going to do. I'm reading a review by Russell Baker of David Rockefeller's memoir. Sounds like a bad book, but a good review.



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