heat wave

2003-06-27 - 10:35 a.m.

Man it's hot.

Have you noticed that there are a whole bunch of creepy new diaryland ads? (You only will have if you have a diary.) I don't know -- I'm looking at the list of other diaries I read and there's some horrifying corpsehead staring at me. Ick.

It's probably my age, but I just don't really like corpses all that much.



Go look at this: http://www.patrickowens.us/

I can't link it, because I don't want him to know that people got there from here, because I don't want him to know about this diary, because then everyone in my family will know about it.

I like my family. I don't think I usually even write anything bad about them. It's just that it's a big and gossipy family and there's no way I can cope with that level of interest, from my family, about my life.

Hmmm -- I wonder if that isn't part of being from a big family. My friend Ernie once mentioned the horror of birthday parties. He's from a huge Italian family, and he was talking about how strange it was to be singled out so, from all your cousins, when you're used to sort of hiding as one of many.

Anyway -- go look at Patrick's site. He's started writing these little articles about his daily life. There's a good one about the birds in my mother's garage.

It's odd to me, because I never thought of him as particularly reflective.


Now I have to go makes some plans for lunch.

Heh heh heh.


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