2003-06-30 - 10:20 a.m.


I think I will just pretend that that previous entry never happened. I went back later to try to fix it, but it was pretty much unfixable.

Anyway --

So this week, Nora's on campus with a sports camp. I wonder if she will actually like it. The three good things are: a)there is off-campus lunch, so they can run down to jamba juice if they want. b) one of her old soccer coaches is a counselor. A nice one, too. and c) she's with a friend.

Maybe she will.

And Maddy's back at the marina. Icky Y camp turned out to be not so icky after all. And they LOVED the Winchester Mystery House. I got a full blow by blow on the way home. I guess we'll have to go some time.

Hey -- and my friend Dave called and he didn't think my horrible entry was so horrible!

It was kind of a sluggish weekend. I didn't really do anything, although there were several things I could have done. Kevin was working of two papers, which he actually finished. Nora saw her friends. Maddy hung around doing Maddy things, and then we went to see Charlie's Angels. (Ugh.) I did some laundry and a bit of weeding. I went to the grocery store. That kind of stuff. I didn't finish painting Nora's room (there's a tiny bit of trim left) or get her bed stained.

But I'm thinking the bed is probably okay the way it is --

We need to get her a desk, too. We'll have to go to Ikea some night.

I did read a book by Toby Young -- How to lose friends and alienate people. What an odd book. The premise is, he's British, and he gets an offer to come and work at Vanity Fair for three months. So he does, but he's miserable, and he can't get in to any parties, and no one at Vanity Fair is any fun, and they have no sense of humor, and he can't get laid.

He's honest enough that you can see what a pain he must have been to have around. Many things he thinks should be funny would probably not be if you were actually there, and being around him would probably have been a lot like babysitting. Exhausting, in fact.

Plus, you feel like a failure for not working in magazine publishing, but this feeling is quickly succeeded by the feeling, "why should I care?" Would I go to any trouble at all to be at a party just because celebrities were going to be there? No! I really don't care.

And then, he's trying to sleep with all these women -- who sound fairly horrible themselves, and you can't help thinking -- look, there must be some reasonable women in New York. Some regular women (like everyone I know) who don't go through this whole Rules thing. He contrasts them with the girls he knew in England, who sound like normal people -- which makes you think he's sort of like a fish out of water -- If he had gone to school in America, he would know some regular women. But instead he's trying to get involved with these trust fund people, who everyone knows are not normal!


Notwithstanding all of this, it was quite an entertaining read.

There's an amusing theme concerning his friend Alex, who is quite successful in LA, which drives poor Toby wild. But many people probably have a friend like that --

Anyway -- it was quite amusing. Nora bought it (it was British, which instantly appealed to her). I'm slightly worried about her reading it. There's some cocaine use in it. I think I'll tell her that if she wants to try cocaine when she's 25, that she can, but that it's probably a really bad idea.

Actually, it's not presented in a very appealing light, so --

On the other hand, who knows what a 13-year-old will find appealing.

Okay -- I have many important things to do, so I'm going to go do them.


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