2003-06-30 - 2:34 p.m.

Oh, I went outside, and it's completely lovely out there. Probably about 75, so you can walk around, but it's not too hot.

But mostly, it just feels like summer. People look like summer -- there are kids around, kids with their parents.

Lots of students come here in the summer to take courses, and there's a whole different feeling. It's not quite so crowded. People are maybe taking a few courses, but they're here because they want to be here.

I don't know -- it just feels better.

Record store full of people -- booksore cool and dark -- sidewalk vendors in full force, but not full of Christmas crap.


Go outside. Much too nice to be cooped up in here, or wherever you are. Unless you're draped over a comfy chair reading a crappy book.

Okay --


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