2003-07-03 - 9:30 a.m.

I am in a terrible mood.

It was all set off this morning by Nora talking about 7 hours this morning to get ready. I had asked her nicely about 40 times, and finally I lost it and yelled at her, and even drove away without her, before realizing that I couldn't get in the carpool lane without her.

It was quite horrible.

But I had asked her nicely, I really had, plus it was a hideous morning anyway, because I had to make some goddamn brownie things for Maddy's camp, and take a shower, and clean up the house for the house cleaners. So I had even asked her if she could please just get ready without my having to pester her, because I didn't have time to pester her.

I think it really started yesterday, when I picked people up at camps, and them had to get Maddy to piano lessons and then swimming lessons. It's just too much. It's summer, for godssakes.

In fact, I am fried, and I have just had it with everything.

And I want this goddamn conference to be over, so I don't have it hanging over my head, and I want to be on vacation for real, and not busy.

Anyway. Barbara just came over and I told her the whole sad story, and now I really don't feel like repeating it again.

Guess I'll go get some tea.


The fact is, it's summer, and I think by all rights I should not be so busy, and I hate it.

Thank you.

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