ikea-induced illness

2003-07-07 - 9:43 a.m.


It was a very long and tiring weekend. We went to Ikea TWICE, which I think may be why I am so very very tired.

But we got some important and necessary stuff, and hopefully we won't have to go back for a long time.


I think I'm actually too tired to even talk about it.

This is really the last week the girls have here until the end of the summer, and I think I'm a little bit worried about it. Next week we're going to Seattle, which I'm a little worried about, and then we come home and ship them off to Massachusetts, which I'm also a little worried about, and they're there for two whole weeks before I get there, which I'm also a little worried about.

Maybe it will be okay -- things usually do go okay.

Kevin was also in a state. It's completely understandable -- he's trying to work, and set up his new office, and it's just too much. I was actually sure he wouldn't want to come to Seattle, but he really did, and maybe it will be good for him to get away.

Also our house is a complete mess, which is driving me crazy. I'm going to have to get it cleaned up before I leave.

Also, I read two good books -- The Blue Sword, and the Hero and the Crown, by Robin McKinley. They're children's fantasy books, and they have truly appalling covers, but they're really really good.

And we're getting to the end of Harry Potter. I'm not sure -- I'm not sure I buy the ending -- it's not only Sirius Harry would try to save. He probably would have tried to save anyone. And man, Snape is worse than I thought.

But I haven't actually really read the whole thing, so maybe I'll change my mind. Fred and George Weasley are pretty great, and now I'm thinking Hermione might end up with one of them -- Fred, I think. I think Harry is destined for Ginny, which is good.

Okay, then.


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