One down ...

2003-07-18 - 2:50 p.m.

Oh dear oh dear.

So I'm back. It all went very well. Seattle is a really nice town -- I think I'd live there.

I know San Francisco is pretty, but Seattle seemed actually prettier, and it seemed like people lived there.

The summer weather is pretty great, and so is the fact that the sun stays up until 9 or so.

And the flowers in the market are amazing.

On the down side, the water is too cold for swimming (like here) and there's apparently not much wind, although I saw some people sailing.

But mostly it's really pretty, and there's water everywhere, and you see lots of regular normal people walking around -- people with kids, old people, people who aren't completely rich or completely poor.

I liked it.

Anyway --

We ate one meal down on the waterfront, and as we ate, we watched the ferried zip back and forth, and sailboats go by, and a parasailor thing, and then we saw Mt. Rainier, and then a full moon came up!

Pretty amazing.

But now I'm exhausted, and the girls are on their way to Providence, so I'm sort of worrying about them until they get there --

And I guess that's that!

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