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2003-07-19 - 1:46 p.m.

So --

Now I am home, and the girls are in Massachusetts for two weeks, and I'm thinking it's going to be pretty great.

They went yesterday. Kevin and I took them to the airport, and I hung around until they got on their plane, and the plane took off. Nora called from Chicago, as they were getting off the plane, and as she found the monitor to find the next gate, and then went to the gate. I talked to them several times in Chocago (Midway) until they boarded. i called the airline to make sure the plane took off, and then they called when they landed. Then they called at 9:30 (12:30 am their time) to see if I remembered the words 9and music) to the planets song they used to sing in preschool. Apparently my mother wanted to hear it. !!! I remember the song, and I can almost remember the tune, but not quite.

Anyway, so I think they're having a good time.

I think I'm going to have a good time, too. It's like heaven to be here by myself. [Brief interruption to talk to Kevin, who is setting up the phone in his office.]

Yes, it's actually heaven to be here on my own, with no one else to plan around. Kevin can be as busy as he wants to be, which I think he feels a great relief at. I may take a few days to lie on the couch and read trashy novels, but then i have completely unstructured time to go to work, to garden, to clean the house. I'm thinking it's going to be great.

I'll come back in a bit -- I'm suddenly feeling a great need to lie on the couch and read a trashy novel ...

Seattle was great, by the way. I was way too busy, and it really isn't a great idea to bring family on those trips, but I really like the city, and the water AND it looks to me like you could have a really great garden there -- saw lots of buddleia, and blackeyed susans and cosmos and echinacea -- I think it gets hot enough there to have a real garden. Hmmm.

But, the water is too cold to swim in, so I don't think it's my dream location.

Awfully pretty, though.

Okay --

I've been reading these books by Robin McKinley. Two were fabulous -- the blue sword, and the sword and the crown. the rest are okay -- but not really compelling

Okay -- bye then

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