Desert pools of damar

2003-07-20 - 2:02 p.m.

Enjoying one more day of slugdom. I know I ought to be doing millions of things -- but I've got the house to myself, and it's so undeniably pleasant to lounge about and read and really do nothing -- tomorrow i'll go to work, and hopefully that will spur me to begin great projects.

Actually, I think I may go out in a minute and buy some more cosmos. I planted some in the front, but it was after leaving them in heir little pots too long, so they're not doing so well.

Plus, I think it was hot while we were gone, and they may not have gotten as much water as they needed.

Anyway. that's my big excotement for the day. I also have to call the guy who's going to retile our bathroom, and talk to my brother about the side yard, and -- perhaps that's it.


Bye then.

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