2003-07-21 - 10:06 a.m.

It is very nice to be home. I think I did nothing this weekend, but I'm now feeling like it might be possible to do a few things -- my brother is coming over on Tuesday to consult about the parking strip, and I got a bunch of stuff at the nursery that might work -- mostly native stuff. I think it will be nice. Plus, three more roses !!!! They were only 4 buck a piece. One is mutabulis (requiring 6 feet). One is rose de rescht, a portland rose that will only take up about 2-3 feet, and the other was a mystery rose --

I think I may soon need to clear out the backyard for them. They will be beautiful.

And ...

I think that's really it --

In other news, a 12 year old has cancer. It's too shocking to even talk about, plus they don't even know what kind, yet.

And -- haven't heard from Nora and Maddy -- maybe I'll call them tonight.

OKay --


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