2003-07-23 - 9:44 a.m.


Kind of a crappy morning even though I am wearing my new red shoes.

For one thing, I think I will have no roses in the driveway. Dan came over. Dan doesn't really like roses, and he doesn't understand them either. He's a bit too tidy for my taste, BUT -- actually I'm not being fair, because I think he's willing to accomodate my -- desire for a somewhat wilder garden.

I must pause to say that my new red shoes are rather stunning.

Anyway -- then I was driving to work (after a fight with the hose, which was my fault, because I haven't been putting it away properly, but it still annoyed) and some pedestrian gave me the finger!

I was sort of admiring her hair as she crossed the upper half of the divided road, noticing, I think, that she seemed to be scowling, and then I drove by and she gave me the finger. I think I was supposed to have stopped for her, which was competely absurd. I was in a whole line of cars driving down this road. I guess technically any pedestrian has the right of way once they step into the road, but that doesn't mean you're expecting them to.

Anyway -- it's rather disconcerting to have someone with somewhat admirable hair turn and give you the finger.

Anyway -- then I got to work and noticed that my shirt has sort of a mark where it was folded in my suitcase.


Plus the skirt I wanted to wear has a grease mark on it.

Also, it's quite foggy.

And I have a bunch of things to do --


But Dan is going to help me dig out the back yard, and I am going to fill it up with roses and roses and more roses.


Got to go.

Oh -- another joy of the childless life -- after Dan, and his boyfriend Dan, came over, we decided to all go out to eat, where we were able to have a conversation, and we didn't have to find everyone's shoes before going.

It was fun.

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