2003-07-23 - 4:01 p.m.

So --

I think you should go look at this. Five days without children, and this is what I'm wanting to do.

Doesn't it look amazing, though? And not even really that hard, really.

I think the trip to the north pole would be hard, though -- I've heard it's much worse than the south pole, for some reason. Maybe because it's all over ice.

Anyway --

There were other matters I wished to bring up, but I seem to have forgotten them.

I'm starving, so I went to get a bagel, although what I really wanted was a samosa.

There's altogether too much chocolate around this office.

I'm going to the movies tonight, which seems a little disorienting.

Apparently the sailing lessons are boring, which is too bad.

That may be all --

There are other movies on my list, too.

I can hardly wait.


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