2003-07-24 - 10:45 a.m.

Feeling rather sluglike this morning.

Oh -- I went to see Pirate of the Carib. last night. Well. It was good -- Johnny Depp is completely over the top, which is appropriate, and Orlando Bloom is extremely cute (and I like hime better as a brunette, and he certainly does have expressive eyebrows), and yes, I saw the preview for the Viggo Mortensen horse movie, which -- I don't know. I suppose I'll have to see it, but --

Anyway -- parts of P of C were definitely taken from the ride -- there's one scene where they're in Tortuga which is exactly the ride -- wenches everywhere and food and pirates with cutlasses going in circles chasing the wenches and the food --

So -- there you have it.

And -- I suppose I ought to get to work, then.

Email from my mother -- girls are having a good time and being good and cheerful and helpful and affectionate, she says.

That's a relief.

Okay -- perhaps there will be more when I wake up a bit.

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