2003-07-25 - 6:01 p.m.

Important news:

I just had lunch with Kevin. We'd won a gift certificate for "lunch for two" at a local (really good) cafe. Anyway -- it was amazing -- it included basically anything at all that we wanted to eat -- sandwich and salad and dessert and coffee and wine. Yum yum yum!!! And now, we don't have to eat dinner. Yay!

Although last night for dinner we had tomato sandwiches, which are perhaps the best thing on earth.

Then we went to the tile store, and without much pain, located tile and trim that we both like. !!! White tile (he wants 3x6. I think I would have gone with 4x4, but 3x6 is fine, with a very beautiful fishy trim close to the top. (He likes it because he thinks Maddy will like it. I just like it.) Then we went to the expensive place, and a)didn't see anything we liked better and b) found a really nice scalloped soapdish holder to match the fishy trim. !!! And I think the things for a towel rack across the back of the shower. It's actually nice to have a towel rack in the shower itself.

So that's all set, and it's all in stock. I think it will be beautiful -- very simple (just white) but sort of interesting, too. Nice.

Then, I went to the plumbing supply store, and it seems that they, too, can have some sort of reasonable faucet and handles available within a week. Not exactly what I wanted, but close enough, and not too expensive. I can go back tomorrow and order. I think I'll check out sinks and toilet innards, too. All of our plumbing dates from 1927. It's very nice, but some of it is a bit ... weathered.

I believe those were the salient points.

I'm still thinking about "queer eye." Kevin liked it too, and he agreed with me that we all -- audience and queer guys-- were a bit worried for Tom. We're all a bit unsettled by Lisa.

On the other hand, imagine being her, and getting off that train dressed completely without the aid of the five queer guys. I'd be a little nervous, too -- especially with that hair. (Okay, that wasn't nice.)

Anyway -- we agreed that they probably told him to leave his apartment as messy as possible. And Kevin thought he would never let them into our house because they would throw away valuable stuff. (!!) I would be happy to let them in, and hope they would throw stuff away, but it would take them about a month, I fear.


It's late -- I think I may just go home, now.

Ta ta.

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