the awful girlfriend

2003-07-25 - 10:46 a.m.

So --

It's cold and foggy. I just got here, and I'm drinking a cup of tea, but I think I may need to get a biscotti or something. It's cold!

Kevin and I taped the Queer Eye show on Tuesday, and then ended up watching it last night. It was really interesting for a lot of reasons. In the first place, it was very funny. But I ended up feeling really sorry for the straight guy -- mostly because he had such an awful girlfriend.

I don't know -- he seemed like such a nice guy, but kind of clueless or something.

Well, maybe it had something to do with being on television. I liked his sister. But in a way, the segments where his family and friends were talking were sort of the worst -- his mom wanted him to marry the horrible Lisa. Maybe Lisa's not so awful -- she seemed awful, though.

I kind of wanted to know if he would actually clean up after the dinner he cooked.

I liked the Fab 5, although they were sort of quirky, too -- the cook -- how could he clean the kitchen without rolling up his sleeves?

Anyway --

I think maybe my lingering feelings of discomfort are that a makeover can only go so far -- you can make the house and the boy nice for the awful girlfriend, but if she's really awful, that fact remains. I think the Fab 5 felt that way, too ---


Today I am meeting Kevin for lunch, and we are picking out tile.

He's buying part of a building, and I realize I hade my own queer eye dream this morning. I was at my mother's old house -- the house I grew up in -- and these guys came over to ask me if we could afford 14,000 of mortgage a month. They didn't actually look like the fab 5, but I think they were sort of taking that role --


I guess I'm worried.

OKay -- Bye.

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