2003-07-30 - 11:01 a.m.

Important things:

I have to go pick out a bathtub today. !!! We are replacing our lovely 1927 tub, which is beautiful except that the enamel is all worn away. The contractor was just going to pick one up for us, but apparently there are choices to be made, so I get to go look.


Also, I'm fucking freezing. It is July, man. Luckily I am flying to the land of reasonable summer weather on Sunday, and I am bringing my shorts, too.

I have polled my officemates about whether I should be using my child-free time to a) really clean the house or b) lie on the couch reading trashy novels and the nearly unanimous advice is to spend one hour a day cleaning, and the rest lounging. That sounds reasonable. I can do that.

We are getting a new person at work. As usual, there is always some excitement about this. Will this person be nice? Will this person be a total asshole? Accounts vary. I had lunch with this person yesterday, and my assessment was -- I don't know. Anyway, it is bound to bring some excitement. Hmmmm.

Okay. I have things to do. Important ones.


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