dreadful objects

2003-08-01 - 9:54 a.m.


I have a new flatscreen monitor, and I cleaned my desk, and now it looks like someone terribly efficient works here.


Did I tell you I picked out a bathtub? It's the nicest one, and the deepest (well, there are deeper ones, but they weren't in stock). But did you know that all modern bathtubs, by code, have to have this stupid sandy stuff on the bottom? Whoever thought of that? If I was worried about slipping, I would have put those stupid daisies on the bottom, or gotten one of those mats. But I am not worried about slipping. I am worried about having stupid sandy stuff on the bottom of my tub!


Went to see I capture the castle last night. It was good. Romola Garai was great. It was a bit -- well, sort of sappy, I guess, but I think that's because it's hard to make a movie out of such a book and not have it be sappy, although the book itself is not sappy at all.


The brother, Thomas, was very good, too.

Okay -- now I really have to go do awful things that I don't want to do.



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