2003-09-03 - 10:08 a.m.

So --

I got a sad little message from my mom, wondering why she hasn't heard from me.


I'm not even unpacked! I did talk to her on the phone, but I suppose she wanted a blow by blow account of what I've been up to.

The truth is, I'm not feeling very talkative of late. But I did send her a message detailing all activities. I do feel bad. But I have been busy -- trying to get the garden back in shape. Trying to get the house back in some kind of shape. Trying to get my job back together, and the kids ready for school --

Anyway, I sent her a long and detailed message. We did have a great time while we were there, and I should have written a thank you note right away, but I sort of wish she didn't have to make me feel bad about it -- In general, I think I'm pretty good about that stuff. If she had written a simple note talking about what she was up to, I probably would have answered with the desired note.


I'm also trying to be more patient with Kevin. He tends to get completely upset over things that I just can't worry about -- missing socks, pieces of paper that I regard as trivial -- I realize that a) it's just his nature and b) he probably has other stressful things going on which are the real cause of his anxiety, and those are probably real things. But since my life tends to be filled with horrifying minutia like getting library books back and people to school with their lunches and permission slips and socks and gym clothes and picking them up and have they done their homework and what are we going to eat for dinner, I just really cannot get involved with the whereabouts of his socks and pieces of paper, nor do I think I should, really.

And I still don't but I'm trying to be at least sympathetic about it, even though I often think he should be more sympathetic to things I want, like helping pick stuff up around the house, or going to the grocery store, or cleaning the kitchen.

But maybe he will be. I feel that I should mention that he does change the kitty litter. (I think I won't do it, because I think they should go outside.)


So there you have it. School seems to have gone well, and this afternoon we have to go buy more pants.

Okay. Bye.

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