whole bunch of nothing

2003-09-10 - 4:03 p.m.

Okay, I must have something else to say.

I'm about to go home, though.

My mother is not angry with me anymore. We never discussed it, but it seems to have gone away. Currently we're involved in trying to get my niece into my alma mater.

(heh heh)

Her scores are in the 1200s, which I thought meant it was all hopeless, but lynn told me hers were worse than that, and she got in (25 years ago).

I was shocked! Lynn's pretty smart.


What else --

I made lamb chops last night, and Nora ate them.

I have to get a tooth pulled, but I don't want to. I also have to go to traffic school, and soon.

And tomorrow I have no hideous meetings, and that is worth a lot.

Okay, then.


Tonight I think I'm making pork tenderloin.

Surely this can;t be very interesting.

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