2003-09-12 - 9:38 a.m.

Man, it's really hot here.

So I hot that I feel much more like lying on the couch in a darkened room reading mystery novels than anything else.

I drove to work today, which felt very luxurious.

Well, what else.

I have tea here, but it's too hot to drink it.

Everybody finished their homework last night. Nora finally got bored with working alone in her room and came out to do hers with Maddy in the living room. Plus, she wanted to teach Maddy how to do linear equations, which is a great idea except that Maddy was supposed to be writing the "what I did over summer vacation" essay.

Funny -- I would actually love to write that essay, but my kids would definitely not.


I think that really is about it -- I'll be back if anything exciting develops.

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